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Fix Apex Legends PC Crashes After Audio Settings Change

Fix Apex Legends PC Crashes After Audio Settings Change

Is Apex Legends crashing on PC whenever you tweak audio settings? Stop the frustration! Learn how to fix Apex Legends PC crashes. This guide offers a simple fix (delete settings file) to get you back in the game with pristine audio. Conquer the “Audio Settings Crash” and dominate the arenas!

Stop Apex Legends Crashes Caused by Audio Settings Changes! (Easy Fix)

Are you experiencing constant crashes in Apex Legends on PC after making changes to your in-game audio settings, especially surround sound options? This common bug can seriously disrupt your gameplay, leaving you confused and frustrated. Don’t worry, fellow Legend – there’s a potential fix to get you back in the fight!

How To Fix Apex Legends PC Crashes

While the exact cause remains under investigation, many believe it’s a conflict between the game’s audio settings and your PC’s drivers, especially when it comes to surround sound options. This can lead to crashes whenever you try to adjust these settings.

The Fix: Resetting Your Audio Configuration (Safe Method)

Here’s a simple solution that might bypass the bug entirely:

Locate Your Apex Legends Settings File:

  1. Search for Saved Games: Open your Windows search bar and type “saved games.”
  2. Navigate Folders: Open “Saved Games” -> “Respawn” -> “Apex” -> “Local.”
  3. Find Settings File: Locate your Apex Legends settings file (e.g., “settings.cfg” or “rsettings.cfg”).

Reset Settings (Optional Backup):

  1. Delete the File (Optional Backup): You can back up the file if unsure, but deleting it resets your settings.
  2. Relaunch Apex Legends: The game will create a new settings file with defaults. Now, try adjusting your audio again. Crashes should be gone!

Important Note: This solution resets all in-game settings, not just audio.

Additional Data: Optimize Audio & Prevent Crashes

  • While this method seems drastic, it can often resolve conflicts caused by corrupted settings.
  • Consider updating your audio drivers for better compatibility with the latest Apex Legends updates.

Conclusion: Back in the Fight with Clear Audio!

By following these steps, you should be able to fix the audio settings crash in Apex Legends and get back to dominating the arenas with clear audio and smooth gameplay. If the issue persists, explore other options like repairing the game or reporting the bug to Respawn Entertainment. Remember, with a little troubleshooting, you’ll be back to dropping beats (not frames) in no time!

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