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Fix Voltas AC E8 Error: Outdoor Unit Fan Not Working

Is your Voltas AC not working? In this blog post, we will tell you how to fix Voltas AC E8 error and fix outdoor unit fan not working!

How To Fix Voltas AC E8 Error

Encountering an E8 error on your Voltas AC can be frustrating, especially also your outdoor unit fan is not working. Let’s just understand what the E8 error signifies in air conditioner and provide a step-by-step guide on how to fix it. Also learn maintenance, such as how to clean Voltas AC filters, to prevent such issues from recurring.

What is E8 Error in Voltas AC?

An E8 error usually indicates a fan problem with either the indoor or outdoor unit of your Voltas AC. This error code is a signal that the fan is not operating correctly, which can affect the overall performance and efficiency of your air conditioner. Understanding the root cause of this error is crucial for effective troubleshooting.

Common Reasons of E8 Error

The E8 error can be triggered by several issues, including:

  • Faulty fan motor
  • Blocked or dirty air filters
  • Electrical issues or wiring problems
  • Obstruction in the fan blades

How To Fix Voltas AC E8 Error

  1. Power Cycle the Unit: The simplest solution often works the best. To clear the E8 error, try power cycling both the indoor and outdoor units. Here’s how:
  2. Check and Clean the Indoor Air Filters: Dirty air filters can block airflow and cause the fan to malfunction. Cleaning the filters regularly can prevent such issues. Here’s how to clean Voltas AC filters:
    • Open the front panel of the indoor unit.
    • Carefully remove the air filters.
    • Wash the filters with lukewarm water and mild detergent.
    • Rinse thoroughly and let them dry completely before reinstalling.
  3. Inspect the Fan and MotorIf the power cycle doesn’t resolve the issue, inspect the fan and motor for any visible signs of damage or obstruction:
    • Check if there is any debris or obstruction in the fan blades that might be preventing it from rotating.
    • Ensure the fan motor is functioning correctly and there are no loose connections.
  4. Check Electrical ConnectionsSometimes, the E8 error might be due to faulty wiring or electrical issues. Inspect the electrical connections and wiring for any signs of damage or wear and tear. If you are not comfortable doing this, it’s best to call a professional technician.
  5. Turn off the AC unit using the remote control.
  6. Locate the breaker panel in your home and switch off the breaker that supplies power to the AC unit.
  7. Wait for about 5-10 minutes to ensure all residual power is drained.
  8. Switch the breaker back on and turn on the AC unit.
Fix Voltas AC E8 Error

Contact Voltas Customer Care

If the above steps do not fix the E8 error, then we will suggest you to contact an professional technician from Voltas. Because, electrical and motor issues can be complex and require specialized knowledge and tools to fix. You can raise a complaint request from call or from webisite:


Fixing the E8 error in your Voltas AC can be tough issue espaccialy in summer times when the requirement is Air conditioner is primary. By following our guide, you can troubleshoot and resolve the issue effectively.

Remember, a well-maintained AC not only performs better but also lasts longer, providing you with a comfortable and cool environment throughout the year.

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